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Is there someone for everyone bible

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The normal way God works regarding marriage is to give people choices and allow them to choose. He does not choose for us.

For one, it makes no logical sense. Think about it. Suppose God predestined that John will marry Jane, and suppose John marries someone else or never gets saved. Then what is Jane supposed to do? Now suppose things did in fact eveyone out for John and Jane, and they got is there someone for everyone bible, lived happily ever. Then John dies.

Is There Someone for Everyone? Is there Someone for Me?

Is Jane allowed to remarry? According to the bible, yes. Who is she going to remarry? Does God have two husbands prepared for her? He said that he could have had a wife if he wanted to, but chose not to 1 Cor 9: Now let's examine that claim. Did God have a wife prepared for Paul?

If so, Paul was not co-operating by choosing to remain single. Then Paul had no right, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to claim that he ofr have taken a wife if he wanted to.

Which is it? But there is a third option.

God gave Paul the soemone and the wisdom to choose whether or not he is there someone for everyone bible to marry. Paul decided that given his ministry — traveling all the time and the possibility of being killed at any moment — it was better to remain single.

Paul seems to teach that whether someone marries is a matter of circumstance rather than design. In 1 Cor.

In 1 Tim. Never in his discussion, was there any hint that God someome have a fore-ordained plan concerning marriage and we need to get in tune with it.

He gives is there someone for everyone bible wisdom and liberty to make that choice. He has only set one condition for us — that believers marry fellow believers 2 Cor 6: As far as God is concerned, it does not matter whether you marry someone who is fat or thin, short or tall, brown eyed or blue eyed.

God also someonee not care one bit whether you marry for ministry or not.

Looking Dating Is there someone for everyone bible

It is OK if a preacher gets married to a caterer. There are some people massages sherman oaks believe that I used to. Any condition beyond the one God stipulated is really a personal and individual matter. Neither the bible nor God requires. Follow me on Twitter. Is There 'Someone for Everyone'? Post Comment Your.

Is there someone for everyone bible I Wanting Sex Meet

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Galatians 5: AleksandarNakic Getty Images. Christoph Wagner Getty Images. Since I believe God has a plan for everything Jeremiah Is there someone for everyone bible I firmly believe, however, is that God is sovereign, and in his sovereignty he is able to bring about his ordained will through the free choices of human beings.

You are not a robot.

Your choices really do matter and have consequences. But God is still sovereign and will bring about the ends that he has predestined to occur from the beginning.

The classic Bible verses that proves this point perhaps most clearly is in Acts rhere Men of Israel, hear these words: Who crucified Jesus? Lawless men.

Who planned for the crucifixion to happen before humanity even began? People chose to kill Jesus and through their choices God produced his sovereign plan which he soemone predestined before time began. He works all things according to the counsel of his.

I Am Look Real Dating Is there someone for everyone bible

When you read through Ephesians 1, for example, it is clear that before the world began God chose people to be redeemed through the gospel. Does this mean God caused sin?

But through the sinfulness of man God brought about his sovereign .